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Our Team

Meet the folks who make it all happen! We are a team of accomplished admissions consultants, dedicated to see you through the applications to your dream schools. They are determined to use their years of experience to create a robust admissions strategy that works for you!

Academic And Professional Background


Saad Altami, Founder

The George Washington University,  M.A.

The University of Toledo, B.B.A


Malorie Lewis, Consultant

University of Chicago, M.A. 

University of Oklahoma, BA 

USAF Active Duty Veteran 



Said Bilani, Senior Consultant 

University of Miami, Ed.D.

Harvard University, Ed.M.

Georgetown University, Walsh School of Foreign Service (SFS) M.A. 

Georgetown University, BA

grad pic _edited.jpg

Justin Fortney, Director of Operations

Oakland University, MPA

University of Michigan, BA


Samir Ahmed, Consultant

University of California, Los Angeles BA

Former College Advisor at University of Southern California


Jonas Wilcks, Consultant

London School of Economics, MPA

University of Cambridge, B.A.


Dr. Eshan Parikh, Senior Consultant

Cardiff University, PhD, Creative and Critical Writing
New York University, M.A.
New York Film Academy, M.F.A
University of Nottingham, BSc


Hebatullah Issa, Consultant

University of Exeter, M.A.
Dartmouth College, M.A.
Penn State University, B.A.


Jiahao Cao, Consultant

University of Chicago, M.A.
Oberlin College, B.A.


Mary Okawi, Consultant

University of Southern California, M.S.W
University of California, Berkeley, B.A.


Misha Mcdaniel, Consultant

University of Chicago, Phd
University of Chicago, M.A.
University of Pennsylvania, B.A


John M. Weathers, Senior Consultant

University of Pennsylvania, PhD
University of Pennsylvania, M.A.
Wesleyan University, BA


Susan Hughes, Senior Consultant

Harvard Business School, MBA
Yale University. BA

Salem Balkhasher,  Consultant

The George Washington University,  M.A.
The Najran University BBA

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